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Oreland Volunteer Fire Company

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Forcible Entry Training 2/29

Drill Night 2/29 Tonight members practiced skills useful to forcible entry into structures. These skills included forcing our way through inward and outward swinging doors, "through the lock" techniques, and cutting through rebar, all to make our members more effective firefighters.

Santa Comes to Oreland!

Santa will be on his Pre-Christmas tour of Oreland during the evening of December 20th! Oreland fire trucks will be escorting Santa around town and will stop briefly at several different locations to greet children and hand out candy canes. Below is his schedule which is approximate and is subject…

Christmas Tree Safety

With the holiday season is upon us, the members of the Oreland Fire Company would like to remind you to be fire safe with your Christmas Trees. Trees must be watered every day. Numerous studies have been done over the past few years from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the…

Lulu Country Club Fire

At 6:30 AM, on October 18th, units were dispatched from 700, 88, and 400 for a building fire at Lulu Country Club. Chief 88 arrived with smoke and fire showing from Side A and immediately called for a 2nd alarm, as it was clear that the fire was already well advanced.…

Emergency Vehicle Operations Course

This past weekend a couple of our firefighters went through Montgomery County Fire Academy's Emergency Vehicle Operations Course. This course is designed to teach firefighters how to safely drive fire apparatus, whether they are driving to a fire call, or driving in a parade. Both require the driver to always…