Vehicle Rescue Training 11/14

Wyndmoor Hose Company hosted a night of vehicle rescue training on November 14th. Crews worked together on stabilizing the vehicles, removing doors and roofs and various other techniques. Stop bye on a Monday night to learn more!

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Nighttime Water Rescue Training 10/28

Many thanks to the Montgomery County USAR team and Cheltenham Fire Company for letting us participate in a joint training in Gladwyne on the Schuylkill River. Water rescue operations on the river, at night with little or no light is no joke. The instructors provided exceptional training.

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Oreland Firefighters Pictured (Back Row, Left to Right): Asst. Chief Scott Morrissy, FF Ron Walton,         Lt. Bryan Supplee

Emergency Vehicle Operations Training 10/22

This past Saturday, all of our members that are eligible to drive any type of apparatus were required to take the state of Pennsylvania’s Emergency Vehicle Operations Course. This was a two part class, with the first half consisting of a classroom session, while the second half tested the driving skills of all members.

The driving test consisted of obstacles such as driving serpentine patterns, forward and backward driving, a 3-point turn and a parking test. Members had to go through the test on the truck that they wanted to be able to drive. Everyone passed with flying colors.

EVOC Course EVOC 2

Forcible Entry Training 2/29

Tonight members practiced skills useful to forcible entry into structures. These skills included forcing our way through inward and outward swinging doors, “through the lock” techniques, and cutting through rebar, all to make our members more effective firefighters.



Car Fire Training 11/16 

Last weeks drill training was focused on car fires. Firefighters went through evolutions that are meant to enhance their ability to effectively combat car fires which is very prevalent in todays fire service. Crews trained on a prop that uses propane gas to feed the fire.

Drills are Monday nights at 7 PM, come down if you want to get involved!

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